Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Photo story

Thanks to my housband, I have some quite nice - I think - photos of my new neklaces. So, answering the Etsy Workshop question: How to take good photographies of our products? we concluded that the most important thing is... to play. I mean playing with background, playing with light and shots.

The Etsy Workshop organizers recommended natural light. Sounds corny, but for me it's a huge problem. When the light is the best, I am at work! Now it's better, because the day is longer. So, finally we took the challenge and chose our balcony to take some photos. In the absence of a model I applied myself. I've always been affraid of camera eye and in act of self defense I've always been doing silly faces - I have to admit that this time turned out pretty well and I'm going to practice!

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