Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ikati Jewellery is now on BlogLovin and Instagram

Dear All! I created accounts at BlogLovin and Instagram. I invite you to follow our doings via these channels!

Follow on Bloglovin

BlogLovin is a great tool to watch your favourite bloggers and to show your blog as well. It will let you know when there are some updates from you friends.

Instagram is an easy and very fast way to share your photos and videos. You can also share to Facebook or Twitter. Check our profile! The first few pictures shows our best home model - Lucy :)


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Photo story

Thanks to my housband, I have some quite nice - I think - photos of my new neklaces. So, answering the Etsy Workshop question: How to take good photographies of our products? we concluded that the most important thing is... to play. I mean playing with background, playing with light and shots.

The Etsy Workshop organizers recommended natural light. Sounds corny, but for me it's a huge problem. When the light is the best, I am at work! Now it's better, because the day is longer. So, finally we took the challenge and chose our balcony to take some photos. In the absence of a model I applied myself. I've always been affraid of camera eye and in act of self defense I've always been doing silly faces - I have to admit that this time turned out pretty well and I'm going to practice!

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