Sunday, June 30, 2013

Refresing Etsy shops

A week ago I participated in a great meeting called Etsy Optimazation Workshop Warsaw. The purpose of this event was to show us the most effective ways of developing our shops. We were trying to find the answers for the most important questions, such as:

Which aspects should we pay attention to, in order to make our Etsy shops more popular?

How to take good photographies of our products?
We were talking about good places, the best light, backgrounds and ways of taking photos.

How to prepare good descriptions of our products?
The 'obvious' things: Don't forget about general, maybe obvious information - it is clear only for you!
Empathy: What information is important for our client? What we would like to know as a client?
Safe balance: How to make a description complete and detailed but not too long.

How to use tags?
What information shoud we put in tags? How to construct tags?

How to start with creating brand and marketing?
Uniqueness - original, unique products, photos and descriptions.
Cohesion - good strategy, uniform artwork and recognizable images.
Confidence - customer care, no questions and meassages unanswered.
Use tools, inside Etsy such as: Etsy mini or Etsy badges.
and outside, such as: social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), blogs, articles or Search Ads.

I've just made my first step and prepared About shop sections in my Etsy shops (you will find button to this section on the left side of each Etsy shop that has it). The story is the same for both of them: Ikati Jewellery and Ikati Works, but you will find some different photos. I hope you like it. Let me know if I can do something more? Maybe you have some comments or suggestions. I'm waiting for hearing from you.

There is a lot of work ahead of me. I'm going to work on photos and descriptions. I've already started small step changes. Thanks to this workshop I have many new ideas and - the most important - fresh power!

Next step, so how we were struggling with new photos! :)

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