Friday, April 9, 2010

Cross embroidery

Some time ago I have made few cross embroidered propositions. Brooches and earrings are embroidered, on an acrylic bases, using colour mouliné. Jewellery is shred protected. It is very labour-intensive and time-consuming work, but effects are eye-catching and worth of it. Just take a look yourself!

Brooch with dreaming duck or running snail could be a great gift for a child or crazy teenager. Jeans is a nice background for this colourful item.

Other proposition are folk earrings It will be a great accesory for your casual clothing (e.g. t-shirt and jeans) or loose, folk dress. It will excellently emphasise a character of chaste, white dress.

Cross embroidered jewellery is available on Ikati Jewellery Etsy Shop.

Now, you will find Ikati in DecoManufaktura. Welcome to a new place for my jewellery!

You can also easily find the way to all galleries where Ikati is staying using buttons placed in the right column of the blog.


Marisa said...

What a good idea and what a cute result! Love the snail and the colorful earrings!

Las Flores del Sur

Agnieszka said...

Thank you! :)

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