Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentine’s Day

This is one of those good days. In Poland we celebrate Valentine’s Day since the nineties, so this is something new for us. As opposed to Halloween which I am not very fond of – because in Poland this is the eve of two special days, which we spend remembering those who left forever – I think this one is a nice custom. Maybe nowadays it is too commercialized but still it brings smile and encourages us to be a little bit romantic for a while. So, despite the fact that we must drown in pink and red heart-shaped everything, that our ears are filled with all the love songs ever written – it’s worth it!

For the Valentine’s Day I prepared something special for you. In the galleries where I present my works, you will find many heart-shaped beauties now - necklaces with pop style hand-blown pendants, romantic necklaces and earrings with natural flowers (roses and orchids), brass necklaces with lockets, classic Swarovski’s items and many others. Happy Valentine’s to all of you!

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