Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Thimble Collection

From few days I have been working on my second blog. The thing is about my thimble collection. Since now you can find there only one, Polish post, but I am going to put there information about my hobby, some history, curiosities. You will find many photos and stories about My Thimble Collection. You can already check it at My Thimble Collection Blog.


All things nice... said...

Wow, you have over 900 thimbles, I have collected just over 100. I generally only get them when some of my family and friends go on holidays and bring me back one. I would love to see a post with a photograph of your thimble case that you have made. And more photographs of your thimbles.

All things nice...

Diamonds Rings said...

nice and great thumbnailss

bespy said...

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